Welcome to the Osseointegration Support Group

Above knee amputees in hospital in Sydney in November 2012 (pictured left), having completed stage 1 Integral Leg Prosthesis (ILP) surgery. Bilateral amputee (pictured right) Jamie, has completed stage 1 and 2 surgery and will be weight bearing in a few days.

This forum is for above knee amputees who have struggled with, or have been unable to use, a traditional socket prosthesis and are looking for a new solution.

The concept of Osseointegration started with teeth, then hips and for the last 20 years it has been used in a limited capacity as an anchor for leg and arm prosthetics.

Over many years, the process of Osseointegration for amputees has been refined and there are now growing numbers of leg amputees who are walking around without a socket, unaided and without pain or discomfort. They feel the ground, most walk without any sign of a limp and they have a dramatically improved their quality of life.

This forum aims to be a non judgmental, supportive place in which amputees, relatives and health professionals can share their stories, give advice but most importantly ask questions and find out more information.